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Class 14


Multi-Lesson Series & Curriculum


Many well-meaning Christians today struggle with leading and truly discipling others. It doesn’t make them mean people, they’ve simply been ill-equipped and misled. First, completing the BKC Discipleship program sets the foundation each Christian needs to become a real disciple, and then they will be able to multiply.  

In this leadership phase of the BKC Discipleship program, you will learn how to “Go and make disciples.” as Jesus commanded. This is the time where you transition into BKC Leadership and are taught how to lead your own BKC Discipleship small groups using the exact same classes you went through. In addition, each person will be practically taught how to create and give a sermon. This leadership phase is still in development, but more details will be provided soon.

Empowerment is where you now, as a real disciple, are going to effectively multiply, fulfilling the Great Commission.

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