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about bkc

our mission

Developing devoted disciples and ambassadors who impact the world for the Kingdom of God. 

Connect. Transform. Empower.

our vision

The story behind BKC

After 12 years of successful inner city ministry through Paztuh Mike’s nonprofit, Men Standing Positive (MSP), both he and his wife Anna Elisabeth recognized a profound need for discipleship within the Church as a whole. Despite great stubbornness, they finally surrendered to the divine call to establish their own church: Building Kingdom Citizens (BKC) in 2020. Prompted by a dwindling ministry and a series of business setbacks, they embarked on a month-long fast in late Fall 2021, seeking clarity from God. Immediately after the fast, they received extensive confirmation to start the church and that God would deliver His perfect vision to them as they obeyed Him at all costs.

In the Fall of 2022, Paztuh Mike and Anna Elisabeth ended up walking away from everything. As directed by God, they set down and left Men Standing Positive, businesses, possessions, and financial security. During this time, God began to expand on the foundational framework of BKC’s discipleship program, emphasizing true discipleship using biblical principles and real accountability. Some of the topics include: Discipline and Correction, Wilderness, Entering the Kingdom, Change Your Mind, Intimidation and more.

 Building Kingdom Citizens officially launched in September 2023, inheriting MSP’s outreach strategy to shape its vision and mission: VISION—Building Kingdom Citizens connects, transforms, and empowers individuals spiritually and naturally through strategic outreach and effective discipleship. MISSION- Building Kingdom Citizens develops devoted disciples and ambassadors who impact the world for the Kingdom of God. 

Currently, Paztuh Mike and Anna Elisabeth are discipling three BKC student groups and plan to expand. They are still actively developing the foundational curriculum for BKC’s discipleship program. Additionally, they and the Kingdom Revival Team have been leading 7-day revivals nationwide, fostering a deeper understanding of discipleship and the Kingdom of God. Excited for the future, they anticipate God’s work through the Building Kingdom Citizens’ discipleship program and their future church plant.

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