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Class 11


Multi-Lesson Series & Curriculum


How do you feel when someone challenges your faith? What thoughts come rushing through your mind? Do you sense strong confusion, doubt, and unbelief? You had the choice to give in to the conflict or confront it head on, but unfortunately, you picked the easier route, and gave in.

Or maybe, do you feel instantly terrible when God asks you to do something uncomfortable? Perhaps it’s brand new, you’ve experienced failure in the past, or you simply never saw yourself doing that because it “wasn’t you”. Do you sense overwhelming stress, anxiety and panic? If you settled into those feelings and let yourself get overwhelmed, you probably soon felt crushing discouragement and experienced a dark depression.

If you can relate to these examples, you’ve been a willing victim of intimidation. The root of it is fear and fear is a spirit. We use the word willing because it’s your choice to give in to intimidation or not. Just because you hear negative thoughts and experience negative feelings does not mean you have to take the bait and obey the fear.

In the BKC Discipleship class Intimidation, we’ll cover extensive Biblical examples of those who gave into intimidation in their lives, and those who overcame it. Some of them never even discovered the call God had on their lives, and others only partially fulfilled it because they didn’t fight off the spirit of fear when it came along. What happened to those individuals can happen to us, if we are not careful.

In this class and curriculum, you will learn about the root of intimidation and how it affects your mind, feelings, and body. You’ll discover how to notice and catch every temptation that comes to be intimidated and receive practical tips on how to effectively fight it off spiritually.

The BKC Discipleship class, Intimidation, fully exposes and uproots the deep hold any fear has on your life. You’ll be empowered to truly obey the will of God despite facing any and all negative pressures.

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