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Class 05


Multi-Lesson Series & Curriculum


In the modern American church and perhaps other parts of the world, there is a counterfeit mindset that a Christian’s life is supposed to always be prosperous and easy. Most unfortunately, this has been shaped by a worldly culture and a deceptive theology. We have been taught to run from and avoid necessary wilderness refinement.

Common statements such as “Follow the Favor” and “Prayers Go Up, Blessings Come Down” riddle our minds and mouths with a faith built on sand and selfish motives. God wants us to have everything we need and more to share with others, but He never wants those resources to have us. 

A modern Churchanity has also taught us to focus on emotional altar experiences, and that no practical accountability, character refinement or growth is necessary to effectively serve God. At the time of salvation, our spirit is renewed, but our mind and soul is not. Real deliverance occurs as we embrace the intentional lifestyle of denying ourselves and facing the pain of real change. God needs time to expose our fleshly mindsets, motives, words, and behaviors so we can repent and embrace His truth about who He created us to be.

In the BKC Discipleship class Wilderness, we will take an honest look at God’s Word of what the wilderness is and why it’s so important to a Christian. All real disciples go through one, if not many, wilderness seasons in their life. You must actually allow God to redefine your identity and transform your mind and behavior. His Kingdom purpose in your life makes this necessary so you do not destroy yourself and harm those in your spiritual care.

In this class and curriculum, you will learn the very principles needed to develop a real unselfish relationship with God, and successfully navigate your wilderness season. How you handle tests and temptations determines your ability to actually fulfill what God has called you to do.

Wilderness is the foundational process of developing patience, understanding, and endurance to embrace the lifelong journey of real discipleship. 

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