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Class 13

Evangelism Training

Multi-Lesson Series & Curriculum

Evangelism Training

If the average Christian or churchgoer is honest, evangelism is scary. It’s common and easy to feel greatly intimidated, overwhelmed and ill-equipped. Many well-meaning Believers do not know how to translate their faith and what they know of the Bible into their everyday journey and relationships.

But the great news is, once you become a real disciple, evangelism begins to naturally invade every single aspect of your daily life. You’ll still have to overcome fear and intimidation, but you’ll understand the greater purpose and how to stand against it. By this point in your discipleship journey, fulfilling Jesus’ mandate in Matthew 28:19 to “Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”, will be invigorating and fulfilling because you know you’re about your Father’s business.

In this BKC Discipleship class Evangelism Training, we’ll touch on the basic principles of evangelism for every area of your life: family, friends, marketplace, the streets and more. And now, as a real Kingdom disciple, you’ll be an effective walking, breathing example of God’s radical forgiveness, mercy, and transformational power. We’ll also share practical strategies of how to efficiently organize community outreach and evangelism for your church and ministry members.

In this class and curriculum, you will gain the understanding of how much of the way that you live speaks volumes to a lost and dying world. No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s work, rest, or fun, you’ll grow to notice and embrace the constant opportunities to share your faith with others. You’ll also be able to take practical steps to organize, operate, and sustain radical outreach with larger groups of dedicated real disciples, just like you.

Evangelism Training is the final class of the BKC Discipleship program, and it will give you the vital foundation to witness individually or in group setting at any place and any time.

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