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Class 01

Kingdom Revival

7- Part Lesson Series

Kingdom Revival

We as Christians often sit in church each Sunday, listen to a message, and go home to our own lives having no real transformation. So then, what's missing? If we see no real change, how do we know that we are truly saved? What did it really mean when we said the Sinner's Prayer and are we acting this out in our everyday lives? 

The Kingdom Revival is a 7-lesson introduction to the Kingdom of God and preparation to enter BKC’s Discipleship program. In this series, every bit of "church as usual" will be dropped and we will get down to the raw unadulterated Gospel of the Kingdom. Jesus preached about the Kingdom more than anything else during His earthly ministry, including Heaven and Hell. So what is the Kingdom of God and how do we enter? What does it mean to be born again? How do we truly become a disciple and what does it mean to be a Kingdom citizen?

As Kingdom citizens we have a responsibility to answer to King Jesus. His laws and rules apply, not our own. Many American Christians are so accustomed to a political democracy where we can vote people in and out of office, but God's government is different. We did not vote King Jesus in and we cannot vote Him out. We also cannot pick and choose which laws we want to obey. What King Jesus says is the final say in God's government. 

So, what about salvation and repentance? Many of us are unsure what it meant when we said the Sinner's Prayer, and what it means to repent and truly be saved. We will go in great detail through the three parts of the Sinner's Prayer and break it down, shedding light on what it really means to say “Yes!” to Jesus. 

In order to become a real disciple, you have to understand the Kingdom of God and what happened to you at salvation. The Kingdom Revival series will shake off the common misunderstandings and pitfalls we find ourselves in as Christians, and strengthen the foundation of our faith. This message will provide necessary revelation for both those who are confident and those who are unsure in their salvation. 


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