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Class 06

The Kingdom of God

Multi-Lesson Series & Curriculum

The Kingdom of God

What is the Kingdom of God? How does it relate to me? If you’ve not grown up in or around a kingdom-minded society, the Kingdom of God will seem strange or foreign. We can easily view God and His laws based upon the system of government we were raised under. 

After salvation, we must renew our mindset and renounce our democratic, capitalistic, and socialist ways of thinking and living. Just as we had to learn the government of the country we are citizens of now, we have to learn and accept God’s eternal government. 

Jesus is our King and Lord. He’s not a president, senator, congress member or our “boss” at work. The reality is that we have to fully surrender every single area of our lives to Him: relationships, career, finances etc. 

As real disciples, we also have access to the Keys of the Kingdom of God to walk in spiritual authority now, and in the physical Kingdom of God to come. But He needs to refine us first through a process, before God can trust us with that level of power.

In The Kingdom of God BKC Discipleship class, we will dive in deep to the basic principles of the Kingdom of God so you understand what it means and how to become a citizen. We’ll cover the Keys of the Kingdom. As well as the end-time Biblical prophecies of the future physical Kingdom of God.

In this class and curriculum, your mindset will be radically changed to an authentic and relevant worldview of the Kingdom of God, that will shape your real discipleship journey forever. You will easily be able to apply these practical principles to guide your everyday life.

The eternal Kingdom of God is a literal reality coming to this physical earth in the near future. If you want to be a citizen, you have to learn and surrender to the ways and laws of God.

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